Sunday, March 26, 2006

Virginia Spring Snow

Virginia Spring Snow - March 22, 2006

I love Spring! It's my most favorite time of the year, besides Christmas. When the flowers start peeking their heads up out of the ground lets me know that spring is here and summer isn't that far away.

We've had a pretty mild winter this year in Virginia, with hardly any snow on the ground. But, wouldn't you know it, the day after the first day of spring, it snowed early that morning. By later that afternoon it had melted away.

Another sign of spring are the camilia bushes in front of my house. They have been blooming profusely this year. I bet those bushes must have been planted here 20 years ago, or more. We've cut them back in the fall several times, but they just keep coming back with more blooms the following year.

I'm planning to plant an English cut garden next to the driveway out front with hopes that it will grow and flourish as well. I'll be posting pictures each month as it grows and blooms.

Happy Spring to All!



Blogger Julia M. said...

Glad to see your ok!!!! I love Spring time!!! Perfect weather! Hope all is well on your end.

11:13 AM  

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